Connie Agius

Guest blogger

Connie Agius is an award-winning journalist. She has spent more than two years investigating the Italian mafia and people smuggling. She has worked for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and Channel 4 News, and contributed to NewsweekDeutsche WelleOpen DemocracyMeanjin, and the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). 


In southern Italy, the mafia preys on teens

In southern Italy, the mafia preys on teens

By — March 3, 2017
Thirteen-year-old Jane* lived in Melito Porto Salvo, a village in Calabria, a region that is commonly referred to as Italy’s toe. She was young, confused, and lonely after her parents decided to separate. Like many children in this situation, she struggled to make sense of her new world. All of that changed when she met 19-year-old Davide Schimizzi in the summer of 2013. Their romance filled an emotional void in her life. more »