The Index: Rape in War, October 2013

By — October 18, 2013

Number of countries that signed the UK and UN’s Declaration of Commitment to End Sexual Violence in Conflict: 128

Countries that refused to sign the declaration at the UNGA on September 24: 80

Percentage of women estimated to have experienced physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence in 81 countries: 30

Percentage of women violated in the East Timorese and Rwandan conflicts who reported it to authorities or sought medical attention: 6 to 7

Babies one report estimates UN peacekeepers have fathered in Cambodia: 24,500

In Liberia: 6,600

Government estimate of number of women and girls raped in Bangladesh in 1971: 200,000

Number of months in which those rapes occurred: 9

Minimum number of separate days on which a lawyer for the accused in the Dehli gang rape blamed the victim: 2 

In India, percentage of adolescent boys who think wife-beating is justified:  57

Percentage of men in parts of Asia who said they raped because of “sexual entitlement”: >70

Percentage of men in a study in the Democratic Republic of Congo who think that “women deserve sometimes to be beaten”: 61

That “a man should reject his wife when she has been raped”: 43

Surgeries performed by DRC’s Dr. Denis Mukwege over 12 years to repair women’s organs destroyed by rape: 15,000

Years passed after he told us that until he suffered an assassination attempt: 1

Estimate in a 2011 study of number of women raped in the previous year in DRC: 434,000

Cases of rape in Mali registered with UNHCR between March 2012 and May 2013: 2,785

Number of women willing to speak to UN Women about their rape in Mali: 51

UN estimate of number of girls and women raped in Rwanda in 1994: 250,000-500,000

Number of days in which those rapes occurred: 100

Number of times the international community has declared rape in war a “red line”: 0

Estimate by Nicholas Kristof in 2009 of percentage of women raped in Liberia’s war: 75

Actual likely percentage: 9 to 15

Women who report being attacked in South Africa each year: 200,000

Number of reports of sexualized violence on our crowdmap of Syria: 216

Women and men violated this number may encompass: 1000s

Percentage of reports that involve men: 19

Gang rape: 40

Pregnancy: 4

Sexualized violence without penetration (women): 10

Sexualized violence without penetration (men): 31

Syrian rape survivors who told us they’d been retraumatized by Western reporters: 1

Former UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict Margot Wallström’s estimate of number of women raped in Bosnia’s war: 50,000-60,000

Convictions for these crimes at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia: 28

Number of cases of rape prosecuted at the 1945-1946 Nuremberg trials: 0

Names of “sex workers” identified by the Archives of the International Tracing Service of the Red Cross at 10 Holocaust concentration camp brothels: 174

U.S. Department of Justice 2010 survey estimate of rapes: 270,000

Number of those reported to police: 85,000

Rape complaints registered in Mexico in 2010: 15,000

Registered in India in the first quarter of 2012: 18,359

Population of Mexico compared to India: 1/10

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