What can we do to end rape in 2013?

By — January 3, 2013

On Tuesday, I wrote a piece for CNN calling to make 2013 The Year to End Rape. I know it’s wishful—there’s a lot to try to end: global legal failings that allow rapists to commit crimes with impunity; attitudes that blame the victim, leading to suicides and honor killings; misogyny that conditions men (and women) to view women and girls as less than human, as objects to be controlled.  

But there are ways we can change each of these circumstances—a man-made problem is not inevitable.  

Earlier today on Twitter, with hashtag #2013EndRape, I asked, “What thinkers/writers do you want to hear answer the question: What would you do to end rape in 2013?” The best answer came first and from an unexpected voice. Actress Roseanne Barr tweeted back: “Whomever wishes to?”

She nailed it.

We need concerted collective thinking on how to end the constant violence tearing apart women’s bodies, families, and entire communities. We cannot wait any longer.

That’s the purpose of this entry: I’d like to invite you to add your voice to the discussion on how to end sexualized violence around the world. The comments are open. The time is now.